ShopInHK.Com - How To Order

Ordering from ShopInHK.Com is easy. Simply follow these steps and place your order securely and safely with us.

The first step to completing your order on ShopInHK.Com is selecting a product and adding it to your cart.

This can be done by verifying the product details to ensure you're buying the correct edition, selecting the quantity and clicking on the prominent "Buy Now" button.

Your "Mini Cart" on the right hand side of the site will be appropriately updated.

After adding the product to your cart, you have the option of continuing to shop, viewing your cart to edit quantities and verifying your shipping charges, or checking out.

You can also visit the product pages of the items in your cart by clicking on each item.

Once you are done shopping, click on the large checkout button at the bottom of your Mini Cart. This will start and guide you through the order confirmation sequence.

If you are a new customer please read our FAQ on how to register. If you're a return user, you will need to login.


Once you're on the shipping and payment methods screen, you will be shown your shipping and billing addresses.

It is important that you check your shipping address. Common mistakes include missing flat / unit numbers, floors and incorrect or incomplete street information. An accurate address allows us to deliver to you without delays.

If you detect any mistakes, you can click on the "Modify" link and change your address.

The final shipping charges may be recalculated if you change the country you're shipping to. Do note, we only ship to Hong Kong and Macau.


After verifying that you're shipping your order to the correct address, select the payment method.

We accept payment by Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard), Cheque (Company or Personal), Gift Certificates or Wire / ATM Transfer.

Depending on the selected method, you will then be directed to an appropriate page to complete the payment.

If you selected Cheque or Transfer, our banking information will be emailed to you.

Note: Your order will be queued and processed only after we receive your payment.

You may also want to review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement before shopping with us.

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