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EF Locker is a self pickup service offered by SF-Express with over 800 locations across Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories.

View the complete list of locker locations and timings here:

Once your order has been deposited at the EF Locker you have chosen at checkout, SF-Express will send you a 6-digit verification code by SMS. Enter this code at your chosen EF Locker location within 40 hours to retrieve your order.

Note: You have 40 hours to retrieve the package, after which it will be returned to us and a re-delivery fee will be charged. No refunds will be provided for packages with failed deliveries.

Step-by-step instructions for order retrieval at an EF Locker:

  1. Touch the screen to get started
  2. Press the ‘Pick Up’ button
  3. Follow the instructions and enter the 6-digit verification code from the SMS
  4. The grid door will open automatically
  5. Take out the parcel
  6. Please close the grid door in order to finish the entire process

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