5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace (For Your Organization!)

5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace (For Your Organization!)
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  • Published Date: 1996-03-01
  • Pages: 136
  • Weight: 0.249 Kg
  • Reading Level: Professional & Vocational
  • Book Type: Management Techniques

5S is the starting point of any on-the-floor improvement activity and the key to successful change. Teach your workers the basics of 5S: organisation, orderliness, cleanliness, standard cleanup and discipline. Many illustrations, page headers, chapter summaries and application questions.

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Product Description (Source: NBD):

Hiroyuki Hirano's five pillars of the visual workplace: sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain are the most fundamental and often overlooked aspects in continuous improvement initiatives. Together, these concepts form the framework of the 5S System, a set of principles whose simplicity often betrays its powerful impact on the workplace. So much of the 5S System seems like common sense, that it is astonishing how often such seemingly simple practices are absent in manufacturing operations. That is why Productivity Press is proud to bring you 5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace, a hands-on book that explains the principles, rationale and implementation details of the 5S System. Easy-to-read and apply, each section of the text is loaded with questions, outlines, summaries, diagrams and illustrations. Most importantly, 5S for Operators provides the foundational knowledge that is essential for implementing not just the 5S System, but overall manufacturing improvements like shorter equipment changeovers, just-in-time inventory, total quality management and total productive maintenance. Since its publication in 1996, 5S for Operators has been and continues to be hugely popular, consistently ranking among Productivity's list of top-sellers, and its popularity is not hard to understand. 5S has proven its worth in one company after another, consistently reducing waste, guaranteeing product quality, ensuring safety and increasing the bottom line. With 5S for Operators, the 5S System can have the same profound effect on your operations. To introduce the 5S system and sell its use to executives as well as workers, consider purchasing: 5S System: An Introduction DVD (Catalog no. PP5934) Adhering to the principle of efficiency that defines this revolutionary and proven system, this video succinctly explains what is involved, who should participate, and what it will take to get started.

Product Review (NBD):

"I recommend this book to every supervisor who wants a commonsense, inexpensive method for improving quality, productivity, safety, and morale within their department."

Table of Contents(NBD):

1. Getting Started 2. Introduction and Overview 3. The First Pillar: Sort 4. The Second Pillar: Set in Order 5. The Third Pillar: Shine 6. The Fourth Pillar: Standardize 7. The Fifth Pillar: Sustain 8. Reflections and Conclusions

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