How to Pack for Any Trip (Lonely Planet)

How to Pack for Any Trip (Lonely Planet)
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  • Published Date: 2016-11-28
  • Pages: 160
  • Weight: 0.19 Kg
  • Reading Level: General (US: Trade)
  • Book Type: Travel & Holiday Guides: General

Learn how to pack for any trip, whether you're going on a beach break, jungle trek, weekend jaunt or six-month expedition. No matter what trip you're planning, the tips, techniques and advice in this book will help you unleash the packing pro within. Includes packing lists, luggage advice, illustrations and kit ideas for every type of trip.

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Product Description (Source: NBD):

Take just what you need for every trip, from Manhattan to the Matterhorn. No more embarrassment at the Ambassador's party. No more cold toes on Nanga Parbat. Whether for beach break, jungle trek or round-the-world tour, How To Pack For Any Trip will help you reach packing perfection every time. It offers comprehensive and fail-safe advice on the clothing and gear you'll need - and the stuff you won't. With practical hints and tried-and-tested tips from the experts, this book will allow you to unleash the packing guru within.

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