The Swoly Bible: The Broscience Way of Life

The Swoly Bible: The Broscience Way of Life
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  • Published Date: 2016-11-01
  • Pages: 256
  • Reading Level: General (US: Trade)
  • Book Type: Humour: Collections & General

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Product Description (Source: NBD):

What can you bench? Can I skip leg day? Do you even lift, bro? At long last, these pressing questions asked by bros around the world will be answered in The Swoly Bible. Inspired by the massively popular YouTube channel BroScienceLife, The Swoly Bible is a humorous guide to gym culture, authored by lovable meathead (and hilarious fictional persona) Dom Mazzetti. In it, the Brofessor will dissect important topics and offer 'helpful' lifting tips. With illustrations and charts throughout, this laugh-out-loud parody is the perfect gift book for those in your fitfam.

About Author (NBD):

A self-proclaimed expert on everything, Dom Mazzettiis an Italian-Americanbro in his early twenties that hails from the tri-state area. Confidently stupidwith good intentions, Dom refuses to grow up, and takes glee in his day-to-dayresponsibility-free existence. At his core - way down deep to his perfectlysculpted core - Dom is a great guy, just misunderstood. Dom is the type of guythat will give you the shirt off his back, even if you don't want his shirt, just sohe can be shirtless. This is his first book."

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