Lonely Planet 101 Ways to Live Well

Lonely Planet 101 Ways to Live Well
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  • Published Date: 2016-11-01
  • Pages: 144
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  • Reading Level: General (US: Trade)
  • Book Type: Self Improvement: General

Feel like life's too busy to feel zen? Think again. Be a calmer, more productive, healthier you, without sacrificing precious hours. Discover the secret wellness hacks you can incorporate into life - whether it's a 5-minute focus exercise on your commute, 10 minutes' mindfulness at lunchtime, or balanced nutrition ideas for your next trip abroad.

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Be a calmer, more productive, healthier you - no matter how packed your schedule. Whether it's a 5-minute mindfulness exercise on your commute, a spot of lunchtime yoga or a recipe to boost your energy levels, these bite-sized wellness tips are designed to inject a little zen into an on-the-go lifestyle. Our expert authors offer practical troubleshooting exercises to make you happier, whether at work, home or play.

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