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  • Published Date: 2017-02-16
  • Pages: 224
  • Weight: 0.34 Kg
  • Reading Level: General (US: Trade)
  • Book Type: Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

A collection of stories written over a twenty-year period that examines the Vietnamese experience in America as well as questions of home, family, and identity.

Product Description

Product Description (Source: BDB):

A collection of stories, written over a twenty-year period, examines the Vietnamese experience in America as well as questions of home, family, and identity.

Product Review (NBD):

Praise for The Refugees A New York Times Notable Book of the Year 2017 Named a Best Book of the Year by NPR, San Francisco Chronicle, Esquire, BuzzFeed, Electric Literature, Chicago Public Library, National Post, Kirkus Reviews, BookPage, and Goodreads Asian Pacific American Librarians Association Honor Award Nominated for the Bookish Awards (Best Short Story Collection) Longlisted for the Aspen Words Literary Prize Named One of 100 Must-Read Contemporary Short Story Collections by Book Riot An Indie Next Selection "Stories about people poised between their devastated homeland and their affluent adopted country . . . Viet Thanh Nguyen [is] one of our great chroniclers of displacement . . . beautiful and heartrending . . . Nguyen's narrative style--restrained, spare, avoiding metaphor or the syntactical virtuosity on display in every paragraph of The Sympathizer--is well suited for portraying tentative states . . . all Nguyen's fiction is pervaded by a shared intensity of vision, by stinging perceptions that drift like windblown ashes."--Joyce Carol Oates, New Yorker "These stories of Vietnamese refugees cast a lingering spell . . . [A] superb new collection . . . The collection's subtle, attentive prose and straightforward narrative style perfectly suit the low-profile civilian lives it explores . . . With the volume turned down, we lean in more closely, listening beyond what the refugees say to step into their skins."--New York Times Book Review "A beautiful collection that deftly illustrates the experiences of the kinds of people our country has, until recently, welcomed with open arms . . . It's hard not to feel for Nguyen's characters . . . But Nguyen never asks the reader to pity them; he wants us only to see them as human beings. And because of his wonderful writing, it's impossible not to do so. It's an urgent, wonderful collection that proves that fiction can be more than mere storytelling--it can bear witness to the lives of people who we can't afford to forget."--NPR Books "The Refugees is as impeccably written as it is timed . . . This is an important and incisive book written by a major writer with firsthand knowledge of the human rights drama exploding on the international stage--and the talent to give us inroads toward understanding it . . . It is refreshing and essential to have this work from a writer who knows and feels the terrain on an intellectual, emotional and cellular level--it shows . . . An exquisite book."--Washington Post "The Refugees arrives right on time . . . In The Refugees, such figures aren't, contra Trump, an undifferentiated, threatening mass. They are complicatedly human and deserving our care and empathy . . . In our moment, to look faithfully and empathetically at the scars made by dislocation, to bear witness to the past pain and present vulnerability such scars speak of, is itself a political act. So, too, is Nguyen's dedication: 'For all refugees, everywhere.'"--Boston Globe "Wistfulness threads through The Refugees like an anthem of displacement. The text is barbed with subtle humor that is wry and painful. The resulting stories are beautiful in their astringency and shifting points of view . . . Nguyen's writing travels along a spine of moral reckoning . . . The collection casts a formidable spell, especially at this political moment . . . Very little is forgettable in these lapidary stories."--Los Angeles Times "Tragically good timing . . . A short-story collection mostly plumbing the experience of boat-bound Vietnamese who escaped to California . . . But there are others of different nationalities, alienated not from a nation but from love or home, and displaced in subtler ways . . . Ultimately, Nguyen enlarges empathy, the high ideal of literature and the enemy of hate and fear."--New York "The 2016 Pulitzer Prize winner returns with a beautifully crafted collection that explores the netherworld of Vietnamese refugees, whose lives and cultural dislocation he dissects with precision and grace."--O, The Oprah Magazine "The Refugees is both timely, given the current debate about refugees in America, and timeless in its exploration of universal human struggles. This gorgeous collection of short stories recalls Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies, but with Vietnam as the loose center around which the richly drawn characters orbit . . . The writing in The Refugees is resonant and evocative, abounding with delightful descriptions . . . A must-read."--Associated Press "[A] quietly profound peek into the lives of Vietnam's deracinated and dispossessed . . . Absorb[s] both the nostalgia and bitterness that have characterized so many refugees in the decades since 1975, when South Vietnam fell to the communist North and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese began streaming out of their homeland."--San Francisco Chronicle "The Refugees showcases the same astute and penetrating intelligence that characterized [Nguyen's] Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Sympathizer . . . Nguyen is an expert on prickly family dynamics . . . He can also be a sly humorist . . . The Refugees confirms Nguyen as an agile, trenchant writer, able to inhabit a number of contrary points of view. And it whets your appetite for his next novel."--Seattle Times "A terrific new book of short stories . . . Nguyen is an exceptional storyteller who packs an enormous amount of information and images into a short work . . . Nguyen's vision of the Vietnamese migration to the United States and its impact on the nation is complex. His message is not Pollyannaish or demonizing . . . Nguyen's message, instead, is that they are people, like all of us, with complicated lives and histories. "--Chicago Tribune "[A] timely story collection . . . As our first major Vietnamese-American writer, Nguyen is a prodigious genius making up for lost time."--Newsday "The perfect book to read at this historical moment in America . . . With the self-reflection of memoir and the clear-eyed, impartial narration of a history, Nguyen takes readers deep inside his characters in a mere few pages . . . Eye-opening . . . Read it now, or read it later

About Author (NBD):

Viet Thanh Nguyen was born in Vietnam and raised in America. He is the author of The Sympathizer, which was awarded the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Fiction, the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize, the Edgar Award for First Novel, the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature, and the California Book Award for First Fiction. He is also the author of the nonfiction books Nothing Ever Dies and Race and Resistance. He teaches English and American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California and lives in Los Angeles.

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